Wednesday, May 03, 2006

emo time...again!

This is a re-write of the pokemon theme
(remember ''You teach me and I'll teach you, Poke-e-e-mon! gotta catch'em all'')

I always try to kil myself
but no-one ever cares
All the girls think I'm gay
because of my purple hair

I get depressed
and bullied alot
whilst i'm searching far and wide
is the dark master imaginary
or is he really ali-i-i-i-ve

Oh knife, its my wrists and me
slashing's my destiny
blood, oh your'e my best friend
i want my life to come to an end
i'm emo, because the worlds not true
and i have no friends too
i'll slash my wrists forward and back
e-e-e-m-o-o-o-o t-i-i-i-i-i-me
gottta slash 'em all
gotta slash 'em again
emo time!


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